Thursday, April 20, 2006

KATU News to Interview Me Sunday

Reporter Shellie Bailey-Shah from Portland's ABC affiliate KATU called me this afternoon to talk about the Fred Meyer incident. I agreed to be interviewed on Sunday. She's a former breastfeeding mom and seems sympathetic, so I think the interview will go well as long as I don't turn into a blubbering idiot in front of the camera. I'm a better writer than speaker. The story is supposed to air Sunday evening, not the most watched TV news timeslot, but it will get some attention anyway.


Queen of Spain said...

As a former are some tips to get you through.

Have the baby there. Great distraction
Keep your answers as short and soundbite friendly as possible. You will be edited, anticipate that.

Think of all the things Fred Meyer has said, and speak in terms of "answering " them. Keep in mind she is surely interviewing store people over there.

Ask her if you can recut answers if you are uncomfortable with them. She might let you. Just ask "can we do that again? can you ask that again" most reporters don't mind you trying to answer again, as long as the content of the answer doesn't change much.

Just be friendly and be yourself. We're really not evil.

msubulldog said...

Great tips, your Highness (your blog is fabulous, btw).
I used to work in Public Affairs for a big hi-tech business and I was always terrified when I had to talk to media, but they're really not (always) out to get you. :)

I'm a better writer than speaker, too, so maybe it would help you to write out the points you'd like to get across or answers to questions you think they'll ask--not to use on camera, but just to re-read before Sunday so you're comfortable with your wording, etc.
Good luck!

shaina Lovely said...

Good luck, I hope it goes well.