Friday, May 05, 2006

Thanks, Mean and Ignorant People!

If it weren't for you and your unbelievably uninformed, self-absorbed comments about nursing mothers here on this blog and others, talk radio, and the evening news, we probably wouldn't have gotten so damn fired up about the need to support mothers who choose to nurse in public. As of this morning, 40 people have asked to join Nippers Unite. We'll have our first planning meeting in private, but after that, expect to see us out there "making a point" and helping one another NIP with confidence on a regular basis. Did you actually believe you'd shame us into the closet?


IrrationalPoint said...

Just found your blog, and wanted to say bravo! Keep it up.


MomToTracyNSheri said...

Nah, they were just looking for attention because their own mothers didn't love them. :)

adymommy said...

I always have the worst time with links but Blogging Baby has a post about Kansas helping breastfeeding moms now.
Hopefully somebody can improve that-Sorry, just not good with the computer, but I thought I'd share this with you.

~LadyLilith~ said...

I just wanted to say I think it DISGUSTING that people would be offended by BF!
Once a upon a time there was no formula! What do they think people did then?????
I'm not a parent yet, but I think its natural to breastfeed. Anyone who's offended by that should stay home!

Rebecca said...

Again, the bulk of the people who are bothered are not upset about breastfeeding in public - as most of you seem to argue. On the contrary, it's natural & most likely the healthiest option. We get that. What is frustrating is having to see naked breasts in public - especially in a restaurant or grocery store - where one certainly did not expect to see such a thing.

People! They make blankets, shawls, apron cover-ups - a whole slew of items specifically made for just this purpose. I know many a mother who has successfully used them. And they also didn't feel the need to jump on this silly soapbox and feel entitled to do whatever they want, wherever they want.

Please - breastfeed in public. It's your right by Oregon state law. Just cover up those breasts - we don't need to see it and I shouldn't have to "avert my eyes" when I'm shopping at my local grocery store or having coffee at Starbucks. One doesn't expect to see nudity at such location and while it isn't my "right" to not be offended in public, it would be nice if those mothers opting to showcase their breasts would try to allow the same courtesy to those uncomfortable with it that they so much want themselves.

You can be a good mother without exposing yourself. Really.