Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Victoria's Secret Nurse-In!

What is up with Victoria's Secret employees? In December last year, a South Carolina mom was told that breastfeeding in the store was against company policy and was advised to go to a public restroom. We know the story...company policy in fact does allow moms to breastfeed in their stores...just a couple bad apples...apology performed by PR flack...blah blah blah. Then last week, within two days, at a store in Racine, Wisconsin, and another in Boston, two different moms were told to take their hungry babies to the restroom to eat by Victoria's Secret employees. The irony of this happening, repeatedly, at a store that sells all manner of bras (except nursing bras) is not lost on me, but I don't have time to go into the implications of all that right now.

ANYWAY...these two women urge nursing moms to join them in a nurse-in at Victoria's Secret stores nationwide on July 1 at 1 pm, to protest not only this particular company's poorly implemented policy, but to demand state and federal protection of babies' right to nurse when they're hungry, wherever they may be. Here in Portland, moms will be nursing at the Lloyd Center, Clackamas Town Center, Washington Square, and Tanasbourne Victoria's Secret stores. (We're expecting press coverage at Clackamas Town Center.) Join them. If you're not a nursing mom or can't make a nurse-in, but still want to help, go to ProMoM and use their nifty email thingamabob to send a note to Victoria's Secret/Limited Brands.

Nurse on, mamas!


Lisa said...

So there will be people at Tanasbourne as far as you know? That is where I wanted to go because it is close to me, but all the talk on MDC has been of Lloyd Center and Washington Square.

Chris said...

Is this Orion's mom? Yes, I do believe at least one other mom from Nippers Unite and probably other will be there. Go for it!

mamasea said...

Join the Seattle area Nurse-In in response to the recent Victoria's Secret problems.

Nurse in!
July 1st at 1PM
Victoria’s Secret
University Village

Please come and show your support whether you are nursing or not!

All mothers have the right to breastfeed their babies!

We will

* Nurse our babies and children on demand
* Go in to the store and ask them to post their company’s breastfeeding policy
* Feel free to wear any pro-breastfeeding shirts, etc.
* No signs or handouts please as they are against U-Village rules

The objective is to bring awareness to the need for federal protection for breastfeeding moms and babies and to encourage Victoria's Secret stores and their parent company (Limited Brands) to post their breastfeeding policy in stores and ensure employees are clear on the company’s breastfeeding policy.

For more info, questions or to volunteer to help with this event please e-mail eads_ford@yahoo.com

lisa said...

Yep, that's me! Kim got on MDC and straightened me out. We will plan to be there. That is about the time Orion is usually getting ready to nap, so who knows, he might be in the nursing mood even!

MomToTracyNSheri said...

Thanks for always making me aware of these things!!!

I'll be 5 days away from my scheduled c-section on 7/1 and I'm not nursing anyone else at the momemt but I will quickly try to organize something here in Orlando.

I am still LMAO that this happens as Victoria's Secret regularly! New motto for the company:

"Come on in to see a piece of floss going up the ass of a dummy... but don't try to use your boobs in here for anything having to do with babies!!!"