Saturday, July 15, 2006


Well, my friends and I have been very busy the last few weeks, making preparations for World Breastfeeding Week. We have renamed our group and are now Mom's Milk Anywhere, or MomMA. We have a web site and we have a Cafe Press site selling the cleverest breastfeeding-advocacy wear you've ever seen. We have great plans in place for World Breastfeeding Week. Check it out! Note also that Chrissy and I will be featured in the Oregonian in an article on the "breastfeeding landscape in Portland," during WBW. Very exciting stuff!

I would never have imagined that my humiliating experience would lead to something as wonderfully positive, creative, and supportive as MomMA. I am just thrilled to bits.

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O Mama Mia said...

Ohhhhh... goody! I jsut found you thru a google search for nursing mom blogs. wwwhhhheeee!!!! I'm blogging all thing breastfeeding this week. I also just linked your MomMA site on mine, too! In hopes of overwhelming the internet with positive breastfeeding pictures, I started a Flickr group, too. If you have any you'd be willing to share, I'd be honored.
Nice to find / "meet" you & I'll be back often!!