Thursday, August 17, 2006

All I Want for Christmas...

I just learned about these breastfeeding education videos, produced by a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and mother of seven. They appear to be well researched, informative, and beautiful. Just watching the little clip that's shown on the web site brought me to tears.


Karina said...

hey! I am a new reader and have just been browsing the past few entries and comments. Question- well, comment, really, I think there must be a link to the obesity crisis in north america and the formula fed culture... Just my theory...
Nice to meet you! :)

Chris said...

Hi, Karina--

Oh Yes!! Experts agree that formula-fed babies are at greater risk for obesity than their breastfed counterparts. In fact, while there may be some disagreement about all of the claims made about the benefits of breastmilk, I don't believe anyone now disputes that breastmilk reduces the risk of obesity.

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Gaganjot said...

I love your blog, keep at it!!!

Patty said...

I'm a lactation consultant and just found your blog through a knitting link.
I read you other entries and I'm a little late to the debate but needed to add my thoughts.
I just wanted to share a very unscientific experiment I tried while nursing my 2nd.
I sat on a bench in a very busy mall in the Northeast and breastfed my baby. As I fed him, I watched all the people walking by. The vast majority looked at the baby and smiled, a few averted their gaze quickly, one person "huffed" (I presume in disgust).
I loved it! It was wonderful that there were so many people who liked what they saw!
I would not for one minute concern myself for one uninformed person.

Annie said...

I just found your blog by googling around from some NIP support after all this nonsense over a woman being kicked off a plane for breastfeeding her daughter. I attempted to discuss the issue with friends, only to be told that it was no big deal for a bf'ing mom to just throw a blanket over the baby. Um, yeah, it IS a big deal!

Just want to say thanks for your encouraging posts! I'm adding you to my list of regular reads :)