Friday, April 21, 2006

Couple Other Bloggers Comment

I love the headline Mary Tsao's used in her Blogher blog and the one Marrit Ingram used in her Baldo blog.


Brittney said...

Wow, can you believe this, Chris? You go, girl, and we'll go there with you!!


mindy said...

i just heard about this, and wanted you to know that i didn't breastfeed, and if i can feed my child a bottle in a grocery store, you should be able to feed your baby as well. what is wrong with people?

Melissa H said...

Just read about this through someone else's blog and it was linked to you.

Just like the above mom, I didn't breastfeed either but am absolutely shocked at this whole thing. Why in the world does it bother people so much??

Your baby was hungry and you did the right thing. Stand strong.

Erica said...

I'm writing to support my friend, Chris, of the Reluctant Lactivist Web site, who was pressured to cover up while breastfeeding at a Portland Fred Meyer. I am glad to hear that efforts are being made to welcome her back to the store and would encourage you to train employees and managers, having them sign a sheet that says they will not ask nursing mothers to cover up, move or leave. Thank you for your understanding in this important issue. By supporting nursing mothers, you are helping them raise their children in a healthy, respectful and peaceful environment.

Above is the letter I wrote to Fred Meyer today.

All the best,

Weniki said...

I found this news thread on Blogging Baby, and I did drop a note to Fred Meyer. I was a nursing mother for 13 wonderful months and I fortunately never had such a horrible thing happen to me. I'm so sorry this happened to you, but maybe it is a blessing in disguise to get the word out.

Every time I see a nursing mama I want to go over and hug her and say "way to go!", except that would disturb the little one. So, sending you a hug and a "way to go!"

MomToTracyNSheri said...

Okay, I polled 100 Floridians today - 50 men and 50 women (seriously - I stood in front of a strip mall and did this).

50 men reported essentially that "we love to see breasts - feed away".

50 women reported basically that "hey, a kid's gotta eat, right?"

The whole world hasn't gone crazy - just some of it.

Thought you'd want to know.