Monday, April 24, 2006

Dear Mean and Ignorant People

Mean People: If you can't be bothered to read my story in its entirety and accept it at face value, and then make incredibly mean-spirited comments accusing me of purposefully exposing myself or trying to build a case for a lawsuit, expect your comments to be deleted.

Ignorant People: Keep up the good work! You're hilarious!


Shana said...

It seems like these ignorant people are congregating on your site from somewhere... Have you thought of installing a sitemeter? Maybe there's some anti-breastfeeding site out there funneling asshats over here?

You know, it isn't the ignorance I despise as much as the cowardice. You're entitled to your backwards beliefs, but you should be prepared to back those beliefs up with a name at the very least.

kittyclub2005 said...

Wow. I was just reading all your blogs and I am amazed that someone would tell you to cover up, but it sounds as if they won't be making that mistake again.

Kim (Basement Variety!) said...

Not only do I live in your area, I too am a breastfeeding mother. I've blogged about your situation, and want to let you know I've written Freddie's and am very proud of you as a fellow nursing mother and woman. Your courage in the face of such horrid behavior is commendable.

- Kim (Basement Variety)

Anonymous said...

Keep on keepin' on, lady! Breastfeeding is a natural, wonderful way to nourish a child! What is it with this country? People don't blink an eye at the gratuitious violence they their children witness daily, but freak out if they see a woman breastfeeding. Puritanical bullshit. Hypocrites! Ugh!
user: bluemojo

adymommy said...

How are you keeping calm and writing so well? You amaze me, your story has me so fired up that I can't post on my own blog but you stay very calm with all these idiots.
I agree with the hiding behind "anonymous" comment. If you are confident in your beliefs then shouldn't you annouce it to the world?
I am pro breastfeeding at home, in public, ANYWHERE, and I will tell anyone who asks.

Timberly said...

I agree.... Here's what I posted to one of your "anonymous" toads.

First of all, as a nursing mother, I say "kudos" to you for standing up for a just cause! As soon as I finish posting, I'm writing a letter to Krogers. Now onto these ridiculous comments.

"you are fighting a losing battle. If you don't like the heat stay out of the fire. You can't change the so called "ignorant" people's opinion."

Yes. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But it's when people start throwing out uneducated comments that makes the COMMENT ignorant.
"Again the world does not always agree with your opinion. Anyhow who doesn't you consider ignorant."

Who DOESN'T I consider ignorant? I'm not even going to touch this one.

"Why can't you deal with the fact that some people have a different opinion then you without simply dismissing their opinion as ignorant. Who died and make you all wise and just? Deal with it."

It amazes me that you can try to make a point and yet dismiss it all in the same sentence! You want her to acknowledge other people's opinions (i.e. - yours), but you're going to tell her to "deal with it"? Apparently you made YOURSELF wise and just.

"If you don't like the criticism in your blog, either dont look or you should have though twice about going on TV with your opinion!!"

If you don't want to see a child being breastfed, then take you own advice. Don't look. Have you noticed there are SO MANY MORE people in support of what she's doing than people who are against her??? She's basically gone public and martyred (sp?) herself for thousands of women across the country while you, on the other hand, have ANONYMOUSLY bashed her on the internet. You are my HERO. >>rolling eyes HERE<<

"There will be people who both agree and disagree with your opinion. Deal with it. Or you can start to censor your blog, like you say you are going to. Then where would you be? Hypocrit!"

Every breastfeeding woman knows that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE is going to have a problem w/ it. Whether it be an episode like she had, or a snide remark from a stranger. This happens. But for someone to sit back and do NOTHING while their constitutional rights are being RAPED, is a sad thing. Though I don't think this is nearly as big of an issue as the civil rights movement, I must say that it has to start somewhere. And if this ONE woman has made a difference in ANY way, then thank God for her. Not everyone could do what she has done for lactating women everywhere.

Soooo, before posting an ignorent COMMENT next time, why not do a little researh on breastfeeding and why it's what's BEST for you child. And while you're at it, you need to stop worrying about the ECOLI on the cart's rails and think about what could possibly be ingested by a baby in the BATHROOM that you're trying to ban all breastfeeding mothers to.

Keep it up, girl! BFing momma's everywhere are routing for you!

ositasleche said...
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radmama said...

You are doing a fabulous thing. Keep up the good work!!

ositasleche said...

First off, Chris, how awesome of you to take time away from your family to deal with this for all the women out there who can't or have been made to feel they can't. While I am most certain it will not result in the million dollar settlement one blogger ignorantly assumed was your agenda, It has already made changes for the community here in Portland and beyond.

One of the consistent themes I notice in peoples comments is your right to breastfeed in public verses the public's comfort. There seems to be a lot of people who feel you have some obligation to make other people feel comfortable, and that those adults are somehow entitled to always feel comfortable with what they see, (hear, smell, etc.) while in public. What no one seemed to be concerned with was whether or not your BABY was comfortable. Certainly if the comfort of a full grown adult who has a full repertoire of options for dealing with their discomfort, (look away, walk away, educate yourself, learn to live and let live etc.) then certainly an infant in need whose options for addresses his/her discomfort are minimal should be afforded at least equal concern for their comfort?! I'm pretty sure your nursing in public did not put anyone into a state of physical discomfort, or deprive them of a biological need. Although it may have, had been nursing in a bathroom stall that they needed to use, And YES,for those who may not know, breastfeeding IS a biological NEED of every new born mammal, and that includes humans. We seem to forget that babies are people. And while it is inexcusable that you should be shamed for trying to meet the needs of your children in the healthiest, most natural, safest, most environmentally responsible, and economic way possible, it disturbs me even more that no one who objected to your public nursing showed any concern for your babies well being. SAD!

As far as a health issue regarding E.Coli, BREAST MILK IS STERILE! Unless it has been pumped into a bottle and exposed to the air. As long as you don't grab a lactating women's breast with your mouth open, your safe. If your really concerned about this possibility you could wear a face mask and perhaps some mittens to reduce the likelihood of contamination.

Lastly, the comments about real discrimination and social problems being more important we're actually frightening. That anyone who would attempt to align them self with global social justice and sideline breastfeeding in that argument shows gross ignorance into global politics and health. Poor women and their children the world over have been dying in increasing numbers for decades as a result Of Nestle's 'free formula for now' programs, which provide just enough free formula for the mothers milk to dry up then cut the families off leaving them to try to pay for the formula with money the can't spare and having them mix the formula with very often unclean water which frequently leaves the babies deathly ill. Women opt for this free formula as they are manipulated in to believing that it is best for their babies. In addition the baby's loss of the health benefits breastfeeding provides them (immunity, decreased incidence of disease, higher IQ, etc.) health benefits afforded to mother's who breastfeed are also lost. Gestation of ovulation which often occurs while breastfeeding, (nature's way of making sure your babies aren't born too close together) doesn't occur and poor women often have another baby much sooner than they would have had they continued to breastfeed. In parts of the world where things like clean water and access to health care are seldom seen luxuries, these things are REAL PROBLEMS. And breastfeeding is a REAL SOLUTION to many of those problems. Companies that engage in these practices solely for the purpose of making money are the ones who should be SHAMED. Not the mom trying to care for her baby at her local grocery store.

And lastly on a lighter note, or a heavier not depending how long your babies been sleeping, the idea that any women has to seek out oppurtunities to have their breast ogled in public is absurd. Unless you live in a gay male commune, all it takes is a tank top and a walk outside, particularly if your breast are large. But even as a long time flat chested women I've never had a shortage of men, staring directly at my breast. But I will say they, seem far less excited by these breast in nearly 4 collective years I was lactating if there was a baby attached to one of them. If your an exhibitionist looking to show off you'll find babies attached to your breast often reduce your audience considerably and most nurslings aren't real keen on sharing their view.

*Posted by a proud mama of 2 beautiful, publically breastfed babes and a boycotter of Nestle since 1981.

Julie said...

Way to go Chris. I live down the street from Gateway Freddies, and I just heard about your story. As soon as I heard I wanted to take my still nursing 2 1/2 year old and go show people something exciting! I am also 8 1/2 mos. pregnant. Why is it we can drive down I-84 and see a half-naked woman on the side of a building for an ad for "Rockstar Energy Drink" but the sight of a child eating disgusts people? Tell me when the nurse-in is, I'll be there!


earlbecke said...

Just a note to say that I fully support you and I think that what you're doing is fantastic. The stupid comments you've been getting inspired me to write a blog post about it:

MomToTracyNSheri said...

Ositaleche's comment sparked this thought in my head:

If I have to worry about making the people around me comfortable when I feed my child, why is it that the redneck trashy women who are always hitting their kids in Publix while I'm shopping don't feel the need to make ME comfortable?

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading your story and your determination. As a breastfeeding mother myself, idiots like the ones you've mentioned frustrate me to no end...who thinks they should go home and stay there if they don't want to see something as normal as breastfeeding? Losers.

Anonymous said...

Bravo to you!!! I think you are awesome for standing up for what you believe and for doing the best thing for that beautiful baby of yours...

Jennifer in Illinois,
BFing for 13 months and still going strong!

Sara said...

I can not say enough great things about your bravery and committment. Thank you for your time and energy spent standing up for the right thing. The criticism of women feeding their children in the healthiest (mentally, emotionally and physically) manner possible is sick and perverted. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and saddened by the ignorance and ill will spewing around everywhere. Thank you for reminding me to stand up for my kids and myself and doing what I know is right - no matter who whines about it.