Monday, April 24, 2006

Human Rights!

All Hail, Hathor the Cowgoddess! My favorite comic takes on the NIP issue (again). I love you, Heather!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!

I sent the following to FM and thought you should see it. Please don't feel ashamed of feeding your child! I totally understand the dilemma of trying to be modest when feeding your baby. Mine would always pull the blanket off of their heads!

Here's my FM comments:
What's the problem with your Gateway store manager for even daring to approach a breastfeeding mother? So what if 3 customers were "offended"? Is it worth the negative media attention you are now getting?
So does that mean that if another customer has bad breath, or dirty clothes, or I don't like their piercings or tattoos I can run to a manager and tattle so the manager can go tell the customer to leave and only come back when I, the offended customer, deem them "appropriate"? I thought Fred Meyer was in the retail business, not the child care business where immature people can cry to the person in charge if they don't have the maturity to handle a situation with intelligence. I am embarassed that Oregon has such idiots in it that have to be so childish as to be offended by that. Why don't they become offended by our meth problem and run to the police when they see drug deals going on? Do they step in when they see a woman or child needing help from someone about to commit a crime against them? Maybe that doesn't offend them much. To these people, let them behave like the ignoramus flotsom they are, but someone put in a position of responsability in a retail store should have the common sence to A)know the law about breastfeeding, and B)understand what kind of backlash his stooping to their level would cause. Managers should think about what will benefit their store the most, some whiners complaining about their own insecurities, or the loss of business from making a wrong decision.

I will take my business elsewhere from now on, even though I am done with breastfeeding. Just the other day I saw a sign in the window of the very store that did this to that mother saying "Celebrate Mom". My response to that is, "As long as they don't feed their babies naturally here!".

AlexSandra Cyrus

Anonymous said...

I just love your solution. Stop shopping at Fred Meyer's that will show em!! ha ha..

know your enemy. Is it really Fred Meyer stores? Or the people who don't like seeing you breast feed at Fred Meyers? Seems to me that instead of boycotting the store you should be shopping there more often.

If you don't think so.. go ahead and boycott Fred Meyers. I won't shed a tear for not having you around. Think about it.

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Hmmmmm, sounds like a certain manager is sharing on your blog!