Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I've Been Blogged & Altered

Thanks, Sarah Gilbert, of Cafe Mama and urbanMamas fame, for sharing my story with Blogging Baby. (Now with corrected headline.)

This just in: another mention of the blog on AlterNet (one of my favorite sources of actual news).

Folks, by my count, well over 50 letters were sent to Freddies in less than 48 hours. I'm overwhelmed, truly.


Laura said...

I just read about your story on Blogging Baby and wanted to let you know that I've sent my comments to Fred Meyer. I live in Fairbanks, Alaska and shop at the store up here almost exclusively. I'm also pregnant with my second child, who I'll probably breastfeed at Fred's (just like I did with my first!). I was lucky to never get the harrassment you did, and I am so sorry that you had to experience it. But thanks for sharing your story and letting those of us out here in internetville do our part! Good luck!

tAnYeTTa said...

AREUKIDDINGMERIGHTNOW? Say it ain't so! I just read about your story through citymama. My goodness what is going on in this world today.

He said:

Oh good, you're going to cover up!

Please tell me you SQUIRTED him with a good shot to the left eye!

Please! keep us posted.

Chris said...

Tanyetta--LOL! I wish I had squirted him!!

Erika Ross said...

I just got wind of this. Please let me know if you need help/advice with media relations. My own story and our media kit from the NYC nurse in at The View last year are here:




Heidi said...

I just wanted to let you know you have my support and that I send a note to Fred Meyer!

Zil said...

Just sent a note to Fred Meyer as well. Nursing moms unite!

Karen said...

I sent a letter to the website!

I would like to take the time to tell you how your stores might be able to increase their business and decrease the chances of bad publicity.

I am a breastfeeding mother. I see women everywhere who feed their children with bottles. They are not asked to cover the bottle, move to another room (often the bathroom) or leave. Breastfeeding in public is clearly protected by law in most states and it is considered harassment to ask a woman to move, cover up, leave or otherwise bother her for trying to feed her child.

Every legitimate medical and scientific organization recognizes that breastfeeding is the very best way to feed an infant but women's breastfeeding is challenged and sabotaged every day when they are told directly or indirectly that they are indecent for doing it.

There are some suggestions I would like to make for addition to your company policies. They are as follows:

1.) There needs to be a clear, company-wide policy that moms have a right to nurse their children without being asked to move, cover up, leave or go to another room or a more "discreet area."
2.) All employees need to be taught during their training that breastfeeding is different from other behaviors which customers might object to, such as swearing, loudness, seeing people stuffing merchandise into their pockets or blatant child abuse. It should be handled differently. Employees should never approach a nursing mother and ask her to move, leave, hide, go to a different room or cover up.
If a customer has a problem with it, the employee can assure them that the person is not breaking the law by feeding her child in public and that the customer can avert his/her eyes or move to another location in the store.
3.) You would probably open yourself to many more customers if you made the public aware of your support of breastfeeding. It could be very good publicity for you!

Thank you so much for you time,

Crystal Zook said...

As a former employee of Freddies I sent a "letter" in the comments form to Freddies at the website telling them they need to step up and issue a public apology, issue a written breastfeeding policy to all employees and issue a "read and sign" (it's just like it sounds - all employees have to read it and sign it). Also suggested they get some good PR out of this and become a BREASTFEEDING FRIENDLY EMPLOYER through Oregon office on family health. Please print the following and take to Fred Meyer as I plan to do.....

I used to have a lot of these stickers - but I think I have passed them on, but we can get some more. I also called the number on the bookmark, etc. stating what happened and they will forward it to the right person who will issue the letter (Kristen Saseen, I believe).

Chris said...

Crystal--Great to have someone who understands how things get done at Freddies sending in suggestions! I have tried contacting Kristin Saseen myself, but apparently she works part time at DHS and hasn't gotten a chance to get back to me.

Shaina Lovely said...

I just sent a letter! -Fellow Portland mama and ex FM employee.

Queen of Spain said...

BlogHer just did it too. And I'm posting now.

Welcome to the power of the blogging community.